What is Faiston Partner Network?

Faiston has been operating in the IT market for over 20 years, serving large companies in various segments. In addition to its own team and service based in major capitals, Faiston has a Partner Network composed of independent professionals in different specialties, such as:

Ícone Computador
Ícone cabo USB
Ícone Internet
& Telecom
Ícone Servidor
Ícone Satélite

Faiston Network is presente in 5,500 Brazilian municipalities.

HOW TO BE Partner

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Ícone Computador
  • Support, maintenance, installation and relocation of computers
  • Assembling computer equipment
  • Network installation
  • Connector crimping and testing
  • Patch cord installation, system troubleshooting and troubleshooting
  • Installation and configuration of networks, operating system, applications, programs and software
Ícone Internet
  • Support, maintenance, configuration and installation of equipment (Access point, firewall, Switch, router, modem, etc.)
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of telecommunications equipment
  • Inspection and preparation of documentation (PPI and PDI)
  • Problem detection and correction
  • Rack assembly
  • Equipment interconnections
  • Cables maneuvering (UTP and fiber optic cabling)
  • Connectorization, infrastructure, test connections and power supply (AC and DC)
Ícone Satélite
  • Support, maintenance, configuration and installation of satellite equipment (ODU, IDU, LNB, small antennas – from 1.2 m to 2.4 m)
  • Support, maintenance, configuration and installation of equipment (Switch, router, 3G modem and others)
  • Performing preventive and corrective maintenance of satellite equipment
  • Detection, identification and correction of problems
  • Performing equipment interconnections (laying cables, piping, and others)
  • Inspection, connectorization, infrastructure, connection tests (UTP and optical fiber), energization, grounding and testing (AC)
  • Work at height and electricity
Ícone cabo USB
  • Support, maintenance and installation (telephony and network cabling)
  • Structured cabling
  • Inspection and preparation of documentation (PPI and PDI)
  • Rack assembly
  • Performing equipment interconnections
  • Cables maneuvering (UTP and fiber optic cabling)
  • Connectorization, infrastructure, point certification (UTP and Fiber), connection testing and power supply (AC and DC)
Ícone Servidor
  • Support, maintenance, configuration and installation of equipment
  • Maintenance and updating of corporate client networks and own servers
  • Monitoring the need for updates
  • Diagnosis of faulty equipment
  • IP configuration on the management port: ILO (HP) Integrated Lights-Out, IDRAC (DELL) Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller, IMM (IBM) Integration Management Module
  • Replacement of equipment parts, such as: Motherboard, Power Supply, HBA Network Card, HDD, Battery – Memory, Processor and Fan (FAN)
  • Configuration of disks in servers and storages (RAID): RAID 0  / RAID 1 / RAID 5 / RAID 10
  • Mapping of possible problems in network infrastructures

The numbers speak for us

20 years +

Operating with major clients

3.000 +

Certified Partners

75.000 +

Incidents in 12 months resolved

60.000 +

Users assisted

95% NPS

NPS Based Survey

30 +

Certified professionals

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    “A company that thinks about the future and offers the three basic pillars: credibility, honesty, and assiduity. In these 6 years of relationship with Faiston, I can attest that these requirements have always been assumed with great dedication and partnership.”

    Valter Vasilijukus da Silva Kovalenkinas

    Foto do Valter

    “I chose to work with Faiston due to the commitment, agility and proactivity that the company has with its partners. I am pleased to be able to meet the needs of the company and I believe that our partnership will extend even further!”

    José Lenilson Medeiros de Lima

    Foto do José

    I am very satisfied in these 5 years that I have been working with Faiston, a company that is always a partner that I can count on! Faiston does not measure efforts, they are always willing to help us, and not to mention that they are one of the best in terms of remuneration. I can say that they are very punctual and honest. I am very grateful for the partnership!  

    José Carlos de Araujo Dias

    Foto do José Carlos

    “Trust cannot be bought. It is earned! With this dilemma, we at AJA TECH would like to register the feeling of gratitude that we express for these years of partnership with Faiston. We have a very successful partnership and together we have a lot of work to deliver! ”

    Jose Luiz da Rocha de Almeida Junior

    Foto do José Luiz

    “Company that demonstrated the partnership I was looking for. The most appreciable is the attention that Faiston provides to us field technicians, and without a doubt they are punctual in offering demands, support and remuneration for our services rendered. I am grateful for our partnership!”

    Valmir Dias Ribeiro

    Foto do Valmir



    “Be part of the Faiston’s Partner Network and carry out on-demand IT problem solving services throughout Brazil. You can own your own business right now! As a Faiston partner, you have the opportunity to increase your income, have flexible hours, work close to your region and expand your operations network in the market.”

    Marcelo Nascimento COO (Chief Operating Officer)

    Foto do Rodrigo

    “I’m very proud to be part of the team, where I’ve been wearing the shirt for 7 years. Company with a clear vision of where it wants to go, our mission always focused on efficiency, quality and innovation.”

    Rodrigo Milhiorini PMO | Partnership