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Faiston’s culture welcomes diversity, focusing on skills, knowledge and attitudes.

As a company experiencing solid and accelerated growth, we look to the market in search of professionals with an innovative profile, who practice ethics and teamwork – we believe that this is the basis for providing a well-done service. We cultivate an environment conducive to the exchange of experiences, contributions and growth. We engage our employees with the purpose of inspiring our customers through technology.

Come evolve with us! Be Faiston.

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The values that inspire us to evolve

Discover the values that inspire us to evolve:

Ícone Ousadia


to seek
the best result for everyone.

Ícone confiança


We fulfill
what’s agreed
and generate

Ícone ética


What we generate
must be well
by all.

Ícone Respeiro


We consider
the impacts
generated by
our actions.

Trabalho em equipe


We contribute and learn from our customers and partners.


“Being part of the Faiston team brings me immense gratitude! Here we are challenged every day to be better, overcome obstacles and have the courage to face any battle! I have a lot of admiration and pride for the people who work with me. In addition to the feeling that together we will go further, it is what fuels my passion for Faiston.”

Rummenigge Dept. pre-sales


“My story started at Faiston in November 2015. I joined as Field Services (field technician), where I worked for almost two years. Afterwards, I received the proposal to be part of Faiston’s internal technical support team. I stayed in that position for another two years, and soon after I received a new opportunity to be the Coordinator of the shared services center (BackOffice / Technical Support).
In short: Faiston is a company that really gives its employees the opportunity for growth, I feel very pleased to be part of this team.”

Marcelo Cotrim Dept. of Operations


“My story with Faiston started in 2020, with the temporary opportunity to join the BackOffice team, and I never imagined that I would work in the IT area. It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had in my life!
From BackOffice assistant to ticket manager, and now as a project analyst, I can say that I am extremely grateful to Faiston for all the opportunities entrusted to me and for all the guidance given to my career and my professional development. Faiston has certainly been a unique professional experience in my career.”

Shirley Araujo Dept. Projects

Foto da Shirley

“Faiston makes you feel like you are part of the construction of this story. I had several opportunities to acquire knowledge and I have a management in which 5 minutes of conversation is a lesson in knowledge. I love my profession, I am grateful to Faiston for giving me the opportunity to grow and I have no doubt that I still have much more to evolve, achieve, and this will happen together!  Immensely grateful for Faiston and my manager. As we use to say:“There’s management here, Faiston has management” ☺️

Fabiana Sabino Dept. Financial

Foto da Fabiana


“When we look for a new talent, in addition to focusing on knowledge, skill and attitude, we focus on the desire for growth, on this desire to make things happen. Faiston’s differential is having a welcoming culture in which everyone helps each other, regardless of hierarchy. We are part of a gear, where the professional has the opportunity to develop and grow, within a pleasant environment that values the well-being of its employee.”

Gracy Braga Human resources manager


“We have all our predefined values, trust among employees with a lot of ethics and teamwork. Ethics and teamwork to win customers who helps us win other customers. We want employees to be increasingly engaged with the purpose of the company: to inspire through technology. A team constantly watching the market and discussing how to improve more and more.”

Fernando Schaeffer CEO

Come evolve with us!

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digital transformation in companies.

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